I just wish everyone knew that all children are born good. That all children are perfect and innocent and that they are hopelessly vulnerable in their unconditional devotion to their carers. That they are determined to love them at any cost because their lives literally depend on them. I wish all people knew the anxiety of a child who feels unloved; the despair and loneliness that fills them. And that the child will do anything to obtain love, approval and acceptance, no matter how unattainable these things may seem. And that they will never give up as long as they live, even when they are no longer children. They might do bad things, very bad things, or they might become little pale angels; silent shadows following you with their eyes, quietly, to be no trouble, wishing you would love them back just a tiny bit. If they have to, they will drain themselves of colour and become an empty vessel for anyone to fill. I wish that all people knew that to a child the fear of rejection by a parent equals the fear of death. Rejection is annihilation. If everyone knew this, the world would be a much better place.


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  1. Love it Now says:

    Even if they knew this they wouldn’t be able to change their behaviour, unless they were able to feel love (in and for themselves).


    1. True. Without love it’s a lot harder. But it’s not necessary to love someone in order to treat them fairly and with compassion. But of course, that requires to look beyond one’s own needs and that’s hard for people who don’t love themselves.


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