Living in Italy: the Real Deal

I received good news today. My latest translation is available in paperback on Amazon (both in the UK and the US). It is the biggest piece of work I have ever done and I have had my ups and downs with it, but seeing it published is wonderful and I can’t believe I have translated all that!

The book is definitely a fun read. It’s entertaining, informative and … controversial at times. Translating it was quite a challenge because originally the stories were aimed at a Dutch target audience and it showed. The text was full of insider jokes (that only a fellow Dutch person would get), cultural references, idioms and just generally a ‘Dutch way of interpreting the world’. Which is of course, not always necessarily the English way  (or the Hungarian way for that matter)! Even if I sometimes disagreed with him, I found the author disarmingly honest – to the point of borderline political incorrectness – in the way that he shares his thoughts about living in Italy and the Italians. He dares to say what he really thinks, which gives the book an extra, thought-provoking dimension, apart from it just being a witty collection of short stories.

Please BUY, READ and REVIEW!!! Thank you!

the Footloose Translator


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