I am a translator specialising in travel writing, fiction and popular science (psychology, education and parenting), working from English, Dutch and Hungarian into English and Hungarian. I also enjoy technical challenges like website localisation. I am a Hungarian native speaker but I have lived abroad for most of my life, spending 7 years in the Netherlands and over 16 years in England. I am footloose in the sense that I don’t identify myself with any specific culture or nationality; instead, I would describe myself as an open-minded and enthusiastic culture groupie. I set up this blog to share my interest in people, cultures and languages and to exchange views with the wider world. I would like to write about my life as a translator and about the way ‘cultures collide’ in my work and personal life.

Special Interests

I am endlessly fascinated by people and what makes them tick. I am also interested in parenting in different cultures, and parenting special needs children. Having a child on the autistic spectrum makes me a bit of an expert on autism, which I believe is a very misunderstood condition. I am very interested in the psychology behind family relationships and their long-term effects on children.